Sunday, March 09, 2008

Recycling chocolate ganache.

Oh god, just finished cleaning the kitchen inside out. You can't believe the rate at which mould grows here. It attaches itself to EVERYTHING, even the walls! You can't even leave your bread out for more than 5 days 'cos you'll find the little wicked green spores come a creepin' n crawlin'.

Had a really good session out on the water today. We did pyramids up to 160 which felt immensely good on my right side surprisingly, but I ease into my technique on the left side a lot easier. The huge post-padding yum cha was even better - we went to the new resto at the fish market. The food was awweeessoome, and the mango desserts have got to be the best I've ever tried in Sydney! Tender slices of mango tucked into sweet cream are rolled into fat rolls of soft, pliable crepes and one bite had all of us ooh-ing and aah-ing. The mango pudding with its generous portions of mango flesh and ample layer of evaporated milk topping was totally in a league of its own. I shared one with bebe and was so tempted to have another one but my stomach regrettably has its limits *sulk* :(

Well ever since reading this excerpt from one of my all-time fave blogs, I've been consciously thinking twice before wasting any food. I admit one of my bad habits is cooking in excess, only to store the remnants in the fridge and forget all about it til it starts to look suspicious, then into the poobelle it goes. This thoughtful article got me thinking of all the energy that goes into your food, from the farm to the processing factory and finally to your plate. A lot of hard work and an unbelievable amount of resources are involved and it's no wonder the earth is groaning under all that strain. Same goes for all your products. So recycle and reuse if you can!

So when the 2-week old dark chocolate ganache from Jinn's chocolate torte surfaced, tempted as I was to chuck it out, I decided it'll do nicely in a chocolate tart. Perfect for using the gorgeous little beaten tart molds I bought yesterday from QVB. (I got 2 little souffle ramekins and finally a much-coveted butter tray too - they were all on sale! Basement of QVB) A couple of slices of frozen shortcrust pastry and a bit of ganache-reheating is all it took to assemble this. Minimal sweat and absolutely sublime.

Just gotta wait for the ganache to set now and a little bit of Greys and I'm done for the weekend! :)


Aran said...

I love this photo and I love the idea of recycling food. I do it all the time!

Cupcake recipes said...

Very original! I love the idea! Thanks for sharing!