Saturday, March 01, 2008

Banana macadamia pancakes

Are you a pancake freak? I LUURVE them. Never mind that it takes only one pancake to make me feel queasy at the thought of having another one. Whether I do end up having them or not, it seems like they're forever dancing at the corners of my mind whenever I have time to ponder over what to cook for brekkie or when the brunch menu comes by. Kinda like that old Mac's commercial with the hotcakes singing and twirling and singing "Yummy yum yum!" heehee.

Yesterday night had me craving my mum's banana pancakes. Mum's pancakes are really more like crepes now that I think about it, but since she's always called them pancakes, the name sticks. Gorgeously chewy and banana-y, it's so good on its own and needs no syrup or additional condiments. She uses the overripe, small plantain bananas which are wonderfully flavourful and are used in a variety of Asian desserts. Plantains are not usually found in Australia, so I had to make do with what was available.

Chopped macadmias lend a wonderful crunch to these banana pancakes. Being me, I love everything in excess. I doubled the amount of bananas, mashing half and sliced the rest thinly as the recipe asked for. The pancakes were soft and fluffy as pancakes should be, but still not banana-y enough for me personally. Guess I'll just have to triple or quadruple it the next time round!
Serve with a dollop of thick, plain yoghurt at the side if desired.

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