Saturday, January 11, 2014

wow. it has literally been a couple of years since I last updated my blog! now that i've finally gotten my own place, i'm cooking a lot more and have been itching to get back to writing and posting. and what better time to kickstart this baby than a brand new year?

since living in Singapore entails eating out quite a fair bit (well, quite a lot really), i have decided i might as well join in the fun and also include posts about the places i patron. i spend what i must admit is an embarrassing amount of time browsing through restaurant reviews here and especially love looking through the food blogs. from the pros to the amateurs, they are informative at every level. so let's call this my way of giving something back to society?

isn't it gross how i'm able to make this sound almost noble? ha!

to start on a sweet note - been exploring the neighbourhood a bit and came across Alfero Artisan Gelato further up lorong kilat. the gelateria occupies a fairly large space and was mostly empty at that time...and the deco, well, I would call it uninspiring to say the least. but I do prefer the lightness of gelato over ice-cream any day, so we decided to try it out any way.

(left) dark chocolate on a waffle cone (right) double scoop of pistachio and milk
$4.50 per scoop now this is what i would call proper gelato! for me, a good dark chocolate could act as a replacement for my after-dinner coffee as it has some bitter quality to it. this was intense, luscious and definitely one for chocoholics. mmmm.

the pistachio flavour was another favourite of ours. it tasted like they tried to cram as many REAL pistachios as they could into one bite. i've had variants where the pistachio flavour tasted synthetic - this was definitely not one of those. heaven. but i do feel like the sweetness could be toned down a little. on the other hand, the milk gelato was rather blah - but it was probably overwhelmed by the stronger chocolate and pistachio flavours.

now i know where to go when i'm craving something cold and sweet. great that it's not that far away!

Alfero Artisan Gelato
21 Lorong Kilat #01-01
Singapore 598123
Tel: +65 64633835
Sunday to Thursday 12:00 to 23:00
Friday and Saturday 12:00 to midnight