Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Homemade Yogurt - Attempt #1

Alright, almost all blogs that I have come across on homemade yogurt begin something like this:

"I don't know why it took me this long to try making my own yogurt...blah blah blah"

What can I say... *smacks forehead* I can't find a phrase more apt than this.

Between the both of us, we consume almost a kilo of Greek yogurt fortnightly, sometimes even weekly. Considering how a 2L bottle of milk costs half of that, that is quite a tidy little sum that we can save on yogurt!

For my first attempt, I used UHT full cream milk simply because we had some on hand and because some blogs seem to say it is perfectly okay to do so. I mixed in a bit of cream as well since most recipes seem to call for the addition of milk powder as a thickening agent and it's something I'd rather not use.

The recipe I've adapted is from Not Quite Nigella, whose blog I love and have been following since I was living in Sydney. What I've got from the UHT stuff is a thinner yogurt - which actually worked out a treat as it made for a refreshing icy salted drink on what seems like a bout hot, dry weather in Singapore. If this isn't your cuppa tea, apparently you can try taking it a step further by converting it to ricotta cheese. As for me, I'm happy just turning this lot into a pitcher of cold, cold concoction, perhaps jazzed up with a bit of fresh mint.

Can't wait to experiment with different types of milk. Watch this space!

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