Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Take five!

Finally, a moment to sit down and catch my breath! Been scouring the shops downtown for all sorts of things - dress shopping for the bridesmaids and the wedding dinner, hen night party ideas and items, shoes, CNY goodies.....and I've fallen sick in the midst of all this activity. Along the way, I somehow managed to get myself plastered on Friday night on red wine, dirty sanchezes and long island tea and spent all night throwing up a rather pricey dinner of Kurobuta pork and flatiron steak I had with my mates earlier on (and it was very very good). My pathetic face and throbbing head elicited a few sympathetic responses from my cousins and sisters but it ended there. Obviously it wasn't on a catostrophic enough scale to excuse myself from the madcap shopping.

People, this is a lesson to try not to leave things to the last minute alright?

Gotta get out of the house again to tie up some loose ends. Wont be blogging so actively for these few days, but I'll be back!!!

p/s: Check out the Singapore Flyer. It's an eye-rolling, embarrassingly un-innovative copy of the London Eye concept, but then again, pourquoi pas?

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