Sunday, September 23, 2007

singing the blues

okay i aint exactly singing the blues .. simply cos i'm not that good yet! ;p my baby's out of town, and as a result, this poor guitar's gonna cop a bit of a beating over the next few days. been trying practising, and in a desperate bid to make it sound better, i even strummed with my nails - i think running a nail over the surface of a window pane might be easier on the ears. and since no one's in the room, i've been channelling my inner rock goddess and batting it out without a care in the world. wonder how long it'll be before i get kicked out by his housemates lol
gosh my arms hurt like hell after paddling today and probably also from the poledancing yesterday for Bona's hen's night. (it's such great fun, but more on that on another post.) discovered that if i do lift my upper hand and lock it in a bit more, the twist i've been so seeking after just takes place naturally. great session. wanna try out sweeping next just to mix things up a bit ;)
mmm.. hope rob finishes cooking soon. my stomach's starting to rumble. think i'm gonna prepare something simple - probably whole wheat spaghetti bolognaise. yummay...

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