Tuesday, August 28, 2007

lunar eclipse 07


this morning saw me jump out of bed all excited cos of the much anticipated lunar eclipse. so nerdo right? woke up a little earlier so that i could finish work a little earlier to catch the much awaited moon-out, which was due to commence at around 10 to 7pm. anyways, brebis and i decided to pack some food to have a picnic dinner by blackwattle bay. in our fizzed out, after-work state, we decided hastily on a typical french picnic assortment - camembert, pepperoni (instead of saucisson - gawd how i miss the noisette saucisson!), breadstick (i cant bear to call this ungainly, flaky, frozen-&-thawed-again roll a baguette), with a pack of nachos and dip and a pack of cornetto ice cream cones thrown in. big mistake. the camembert was rubbery and bland - i would have been better off chewing a gumboot; the pepperoni reminded me of fat-free salami; and the breadstick... 'nuff said. the nachos and ice cream salvaged dinner though. geez. if there's one thing i miss abt france, it's gotta be the food.

anyway the lunar eclipse was quite the interesting phenomenon. the red colour really did show through - apparently it's due to the dust in the atmosphere or something along that line. i couldnt really get pictures - it just refused to show up on my digicam. ARGH. this is about the best shot i could get:

in my irritation, i decided to annoy some DB teams paddling on the water instead with my night flash. can u see 'em? can u? hee hee.

hmm which reminds me.. no training tonight. and a race is coming up in 2 weeks...:/

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